Exedy Racing Clutch, Exedy Racing Clutches, Exedy Racing Clutch Kit
Exedy Racing Clutch, Exedy Racing Clutches, Exedy Racing Clutch Kit
Exedy Racing Clutch, Exedy Racing Clutches, Exedy Racing Clutch Kit

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Exedy Racing Clutches
If you are in need for the best performance clutches, look no further. Consider Exedy racing clutches. Exedy does not rebuild stock clutches like other competitors do. They make all clutch parts from scratch with performance in mind. Others rebuild stock parts to fit their needs (not to mention those fancy bright colors). All Exedy pressure plates are made from ductil-iron which can withstand much higher bursting RPM. Exedy Corporation of Japan is the largest independent clutch manufacturer in Japan including racing and OEM. Exedy supplies all of the major Japanese vehicle makers and to Ford and GM in the US. Exedy is also the leading manufacturer of racing clutches in Japan and supply all six factory vehicle manufacturer race teams.

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Please note that many applications have been omitted due to limitation. If you do not see your application, please CONTACT US for further assistance in finding the right clutch for your vehicle.

All Exedy racing and performance clutches are engineered, designed and built from the ground up as racing clutches, not rebuilt from stock clutches that have been modifed.

All of Exedy pressure plate castings are made from ductile (nodular anti-burst) iron for your safety. None of Exedy pressure plates are made of grey cast iron as are many stock pressure plates that are rebuilt in to "performance clutches". Beware, cheap grey iron rebuilt pressure plate castings may explode, unlike nodular iron.


Exedy Single Plate Organic Racing Clutch

Exedy Racing clutches with organic friction materials use only premium friction materials that are resistant to slippage and burst. Increased clamp loads give the necessary capacity to handle modifed engines. Organic friction material clutch is the preferred clutch for street and light horse power track.

The driveability will be like a stock clutch. Pedal efforts will be slightly higher because of the higher clamp loads. All of Exedy clutch discs have high capacity spring center dampers to reduce the drive train shock and impact.


Exedy Single Plate Cerametallic Racing Clutch

Exedy cerametallic clutches are designed to handle the abuse of high power modified engines. Cerametallic friction maerial can handle much more slippage that stock type disc assemblies without slipping and fading. All Exedy cerametallic discs have spring center dampers to reduce the impact and shock loads put into the drivetrain. This protects the transmission and the rest of the drive line system.

With any cerametallic clutch system, there will be some compromise of start up driveability as compared to a stock clutch (chatter on light throttle, low rpm start up). This characteristic is generally felt to be acceptable in modified performance cars.


Exedy Hyper Single Racing Clutch

All Hyper Single Clutches come with lightweight steel flywheel and a 6-puck cerametallic facing, spring center damper disc assembly. The disc is generally smaller and thinner than the OEM disc making for lower inertia and therefore quicker, easier shifting and less wear and tear on the transmission synchroes. The higher clamp load and cerametallic friction facings give approximately twice the holding torque of the OEM clutch and generally higher than other single plate clutches.

As with all cerametallic clutches, the street drivability may be marginal due to chattering and harsh engagement characteristics. Approximate HP capacity is up to 550HP.


Exedy Multi-Plate Racing Clutch

For high-powered applications, Exedy offers twin and triple Multi-Plate Clutches. These are designed for hot street action as well as drag, road, and rally racing.

The Twin-Plate clutches are rated for above 500hp to 705hp. The Triple-Plate clutches are rated for up to and over 1000hp (for drag race applications). Twins come with both spring damper discs (SD type) and solid discs (SR type). Triples are all solid discs.

All multi-plate clutches come with a lightweight, chromoly steel flywheel and the famous puple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover.



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